Instructions to Marching Units

  1. Only registered groups will be allowed to march. Check-in begins at 11:30 AM at Eastern Avenue and Macon Street.  It is suggested to check in early so that you have plenty of time to know where your Group is located in the staging area.  Participating marching bands should report in at the Haven Street Check-In Booth.
  2. Parade will start promptly at 2:00 PM, Sunday, March 25, 2018.
  3. All Parade participants must report no later than 1:00 PM at Eastern Avenue and Macon Street.
  4. Eastern Avenue Wells Fargo Lot Is Reserved Parking for Dignitaries only.  If possible, please share rides due to limited parking in Greektown.
  5. Marching formation: We suggest your groups line up in odd number rows (ex. Rows of 3 or 5 people) to enable the middle person to walk on the double yellow line in the middle of the street which keeps the rows of marchers centered. We suggest individuals dressed in ethnic costume should line up together and those individuals dressed in blue and white, line up in different rows.  NO STROLLERS ARE PERMITTED.
  6. Marching: Groups should march to the rhythm of the marching music.  Each group should designate a group marshal to keep the group in marching order.  The group marshal should carry a whistle to aid in the formation and marching of the group.  It is imperative that your group’s marching conduct and demeanor be disciplined to respect the significance of this solemn but joyous event, and the many visitors sharing in this commemoration within the Greek Orthodox Church Community of Maryland.
  7. Dress: Groups should dress in either ethnic costume or in blue and white ONLY!!!  Blue jeans or other casual street attire will not be permitted.  Due to the extensive media coverage, proper attire will be enforced.
  8. Banners: A banner must lead your group.  Groups may construct their own banners. Your banner must look professionally fabricated, handsomely lettered and/ or painted.
  9. Direction/Photo: Groups should report to the Official Parade Check-in Booth near Macon Street and proceed to their formation origination holding place on Eastern Avenue between Haven and Macon Streets.  Groups will start marching on Eastern Avenue at Macon Street and proceed three (3) blocks to Ponca Street.  The route then turns right on to Ponca Street and passes by the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, continues up one block and ends between Foster Street and Fait Street. Cars and buses should pick up ending participants between Fait Street and Hudson Street on Oldham Street.
  10. Do Not Stop at the Reviewing Stand – All groups must proceed past the Reviewing Stand to Fait Street (Parade End): The Parade Committee will accommodate marching units and groups by pre-arranging drop-off and pick-up locations within the Parade Route.  Please call the Official Parade Hotline at 443-267-4735 to discuss special arrangements for your group.  Buses may park during the event in the Lenmar Parking Lot adjacent to the O’Donnell Street/ Oldham intersection. Buses may proceed along Oldham Street to the Foster Street, Fait Street, or Hudson Street intersections to pickup participants.  Oldham Street is designated as an emergency route and center lanes should remain passable at all times during this event. 

Click picture for enlarged picture of parade route

“Spirit of America, Legacy of Greece, Freedom and Democracy for All!”

Honoring our ancestors’ sacrifices to preserve the ideals of Freedom and Democracy.

Commemorating the Anniversary of Greek Independence, March 25, 1821.